Sara Sadik with Émile-Samory Fofana

Le coeur qui brûle, sentiments glacés, 2023 (performance)
French Academy in Rome – Villa Medici, Rome

April, 26–28 2023

Conceived as an extension of the artist’s solo exhibition, Xenon Palace: Crystal Zastruga, Le Coeur qui brûle, sentiments glacés evoke a journey of exploration and discovery. Zetrei, the main character played by Émile-Samory Fofana, is a lone wolf who narrates his journey of self-discovery set in the snowy, suspended landscape of a video game, that echoes the artist’s most recent film. Here the protagonist translates thoughts, feelings, and memories into a path of affirmation, identity, and memory.

All images:
Courtesy: the artist
Photo: Margerita Nuti